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uBoardThe PenAndFree’s uBoard is fully-featured interactive whiteboard system that transforms any flat surface into an INTERACTIVE whiteboards instantly.

uBoard empowered by PenAndFree’s patented technologies promises unbeatable writing quality and high performance.

Additionally, its elegant & stylish design maximizes your pride of teaching and lecture in any place.

Using uBoard, you can get countless benefits well beyond your legacy whiteboard.

Just possible right now uBoard

uBoard will be the most practical portable interactive whiteboard system you've experienced. it is possible by adopting PenAndFree's patented echnologies and rich experiences in digital writing system.

These features enable uBoard to be positioned as unique system satisfying quality, stability, durability, user convenierce and even price.

For anyplace prepared beam projector, computer and veritical flat surface, uBoard simply makes it INTERACTIVE lecture environment in a second
High performance  
Adopting dedicated ASICchipset High resolution
Fast response time. No jittering
Best writing quality
The smooth writing touch feel Virtual pressure feature
Brush effects without programming Minimizing eye-strains
High sensivity for pen movement The "state-of-art" noise filtering
Excellent Usability
100 inches working area 100% compatible with MS Tablet
Slim & Stylish appearance Bundled powerful board software
Wireless model available Easy access buttons
High portability Rechargeable Battery for Pen
Easy to mount (Magnet & Holder) Window XP / Windows Vista / Windows 7
100% compatible with MS HID standard    

Inspire Lecture - Our interactive enabling feature in any vertical flat surface makes you differentiated presentation
Constant Learning - Our simple and robust architecture means no downtime.
Cost-effective - uBoard makes it possible to build the most effective digital lecture system at the most attractive price.
Enough working Area - uBoards nrmally supports 100 inches working screen (ideally 120 inches), enough working space for most of education environment.
No need to learn - It's easy and intuitive software doesn't require additional time to learn its functions.
Part Item Description
Station Effective working area 100 inches (120 inches ideally)
Technology IR + Ultrasound with PenAndFree's VPOT
USB Device Class Microsoft Standard pen device
Sampling frequency 70Khz
Accuracy Approximatley ± 1.5mm
Dimension(lxWxH) 22mm x 30mm x 17mm
Power USB 5 Volt/100mA
Part Item Description
Digital Pen Power 3.7V / 180mAH
Battery Rechargeable Rithum.polymer battery
Recharging terminal Earphone jack type
Button 2 buttons. Left button,eraser button
Battery monitoring 2 step LED Indicator
Full recharging time 1 hour
Continuous pen operating time 20 hours
Power saving mode Automatic power saving mode after 30sec idle time
USB recharging cable USB + Earphone typed Jack (70mm)
Dimension (Height x Diameter) 130mm x 15mm
Part Item Description
Interface Computer IBM PC/AT or IBM PC compatible (with CD-ROM device)
CPU Intel Pentium or above or Intel CPU compatible TYPE
Interface USB 2.0 full speed or USB 1.1
Operating system Windows XP/VISTA/Windows 7
RAM 512MB or more
Part Item Description
Environment Humidity 0-90RH +35°C (Non considering)
Recommended operating temperature 0o to +40°C
Part Item Description
SW Bundled PenOnPC Calibration SW
Ink Note Window Journal (for Windows 2000 / XP)
U Board Plus Board software
Presentation Accessory
Visenta wireless Presenter Key Board